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Otterbine Pond Fountains - Aerating Fountains

Otterbine fountains are among the most reliable floating pond fountains on the market. Precision manufacturing coupled with decades of pond fountain experience make this manufacturer a best choice for decorative pond fountains and aeration fountains.

The Otterbine brand has been associated with quality pond fountains for decades. In addition to high-quality manufacturing, Otterbine is committed to service after the sale. From best-in-class maintenance training to dedicated customer support, the Otterbine team is at the top when it comes to large pond fountains.

For shallow ponds and lakes, the Otterbine line can be used as a high-volume pond aerator that moves enough water volume to improve dissolved oxygen. The Otterbine Aerating Fountain selections have a variety fo of spray patterns available to provide beautiful flowing water from a reliable aeration system.

Each fountain is carefully manufactured with precision-built parts. In corrosion-prone components, stainless steel is used to extend the life of the product.

The wide selection of surface spray patterns gives variety to the pond owner. When considering surface spray aerators, the number of spray patterns available is often a key decision-making item.

Each fountain includes an integrated control panel that enables the fountain to be operated on a schedule that maximizes value.