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Otterbine Fountain Lighting (6.5W LED Light Set)

  • Otterbine Fountain Lighting (6.5W LED Light Set)
  • Otterbine Fountain Lighting (6.5W LED Light Set)
  • Otterbine Fountain Lighting (6.5W LED Light Set)


Otterbine Fountain Lighting - LED Light Set

Otterbine LED Low Voltage Light Systems are energy efficient, versatile and cost effective. These light sets operate a 6.5W bulb that is available in a bright white (5700K) or warm white (3000K) flood lamp, and offer 80% energy savings over traditional MR16 halogen lamps. Manufactured from corrosion resistant thermal plastics. Create a beautiful night display with Otterbine Fountain Lights!

Fountain Glo™  LED Low Voltage Features Include:

  • Energy Efficient:  
    Otterbine LED lights offer 80% savings over traditional MR16 halogen; with each lamp pulling less than 0.1 Amps.
  • Cost Effective:
    These light sets operate off a DC Power Supply, versus an AC transformer, allowing for cleaner power and longer cable runs - with smaller gauge cable. 
  • Corrosion Resistant: 
    Manufactured from non-corrosive thermoplastics lights are able to operate in brackish and effluent conditions.
  • Extended Life: 
    MR16 LED bulbs generate almost no heat or ultraviolet output with extended bulb life exceeding 35000+ hours.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: 
    Complete 1-year warranty on lights, transformer, cable and power control center*.
  • Accessories: 
    All light sets come standard with a timer and GFCI when purchased with a panel; additionally, all LED light systems for 1HP-10HP & Fractional Deluxe Units include cable quick disconnect. Optional accessories include photocell and colored lenses. (Sequencer light sets are available, contact the factory for more information.)
  • Safety Listed & Protected:  
    Fountain Glo Low Voltage LED lights comply with UL1838. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.

4 LED Light Set recommended for all Otterbine 1-2HP Spray Patterns.

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