Otterbine Fountain Lighting RGBW Sequencing

Otterbine Fountain Lighting RGBW Color Changing LEDs


Fountain Glo™ RGBW Sequencing LED Light System Include:

  • Light Controls include 7 day digital timer, GFCI, sequence selector and program director, sequencer controller box, transformer and fuses
  • 4 LED Lamps, 40 watts each produce a 32 degree discharge with maximum of 2450 lumens
  • Light Housing constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • Sequencing Lights come with 24 pre-programmed color sequences
  • Underwater Cable includes quick disconnect

Fountain Glo RGBW Specs:

Wattage: 160 watts

Amps: 1.9 amps

Estimated Operating Time: 70,000 hours/ 8 years

Maximum Lumens per 40 watt Light
  Red Green Blue White
Lumens 420 480 130 620



  1. High quality 304 stainless steel housing.

  2. 32 degree lens that creates a wide-floodlight beam spread.

  3. Water tight seal protects lamps from water intrusion.

  4. 4-channel MCPCB RGBW LED emitters offer high efficiency and uniformity color mixing lenses with TIR optics.

  5. 40  lamp fixtures.

4 LED Light Set recommended for all Otterbine 1-5HP Spray Patterns.

1 Year Warranty Included