Safe Haven Fish Habitat by Mossback

Safe Haven Fish Habitat by Mossback

Habitat is necessary protection for feeder fish and young fish against larger predator fish. Fish habitat areas are ideal for fishing. Large fish are attracted to these areas due to the concentration of smaller fish around the habitat. Mossback Habitats last a lifetime!

Safe Haven is designed for water at least 6' deep

  • Units are easy to transport & easy to install
  • Pond habitat that will last a lifetime!

To have a balanced ecosystem you need habitat. Fish need places to lay their eggs, and small places to hide from larger fish. Artificial habitats can help you to achieve this goal. Although branches and old trees can be used for habitat, they begin breaking down after 3-5 years and turn to muck. Installing artificial habitat creates a life-long fishing sweet spot. In case you didn’t know, large fish hang out around the outskirts of the habitats to feed! 

Safe Haven Habitat Includes:

1- 50" scuffed PVC Trunk
24- 50" flexible & textured composite limbs

Assembled Size:  50"H x 50"W