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Natural Waterscapes

Pond & Lake Shoreline Seed Mix

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Shoreline Seed Mix- Aquatic Plant Seeds

  • Blend of beneficial pond plants
  • Plant for shoreline stabilization
  • Ideal aquatic plants for habitat improvement

The Pond & Lake Shoreline Seed Mix contains a specialized selection of grasses, sedges, and rushes to establish an erosion resistant root system at the water's edge.  

Each species in the blend is selected for it's microhabitat on the shoreline.  The sedges like to have their roots in the water, but the crown of the plant out of the water.  With their extensive, dense root mass, they do the hard work of protecting against wave action.  Sedge roots often extend 18" or more into the soil.

The rushes in the blend grow in water up to 6".  The stems provide excellent habitat for bluegill fry and minnows.  There is no need to worry about the rushes taking over the pond because they do not grow in deeper water. The rush species are also a favorite for source for birds and waterfowl.  

Aquatic Seed Coverage

Covers up to 4,500 square feet or 750 feet of shoreline 6 feet wide.  

Where To Apply Shoreline Seed:

The pond plant seeds grow best in water 6" above the water level to 6" below the water line. Can grow up to 12" above the water line.

How to plant aquatic seed:


Broadcast seed in recommended shoreline areas. Rake seed approximately 1" into soil to prevent aquatic seeds from blowing away or floating away.


Germination time on each species varies , but begins at approximately 7-10 days for aquatic grasses.

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