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KASCO 3400VFX - 3/4HP Floating Fountain

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  • KASCO 3400VFX - 3/4HP  Floating Fountain
  • KASCO 3400VFX - 3/4HP  Floating Fountain
$1,760.00 - $3,893.00


KASCO VFX 3/4HP Floating Pond Fountain 

  • High quality floating pond fountain
  • Beautiful water feature display
  • Low maintenance fountain design

The KASCO 3400VFX floating aerating fountain is a classic design great for residential applications or farm ponds. The classic Kasco "V" pattern, now a larger 6' Tall x 21' wide gives this model a beautiful aerating pattern that will improve water quality and aesthetics of any pond or body of water.

Provides the highest oxygen transfer rate with the lowest operating cost!

What is the best fountain for aeration?

When using a floating fountain for aeration, we recommend the "V" pattern, like the VFX Fountain produces. This fountain pattern produces the most oxygen. The "V" pattern is also best for limiting duckweed and watermeal from spreading over the surface of the pond.

Pond Fountain Benefits 

  • Improves water circulation
  • Adds a beautiful and relaxing display
  • Aerates pond water
  • Improves fish health

Installation of a pond fountain adds a new level of beauty and the tranquil sound of water hitting the pond surface. Besides the visual aesthetics, fountains provide many other visual benefits. The circulation and oxygen generation from floating fountain improve water quality, reduce algae growth, improve clarity. Fish health also improves from increased oxygen levels.

VFX Fountain Package Includes:

Underwater Cord with Quick Disconnect: 50'-200'
Mooring Kit: Two 50' braided nylon ropes
Plug and Play Control Panel with timer, GFCI protection, and light sensor
Corrosion and Clog Resistant Oil Cooled Motor with Float 

Easy Fountain Installation:

Follow included fountain assembly instructions. Fountain motor, float and bottom screen will need attached using included screws. Next attach included mooring lines to the float. Connect power cord to the motor. Attach the strain relief to the mooring line closest to the cable. Moor the fountain at two points in the pond using 2 anchors(not included). Fountain motor includes a standard 115V plug that is plugged into the control panel. Panel is plugged into a outdoor rated outlet. Adjust the timer settings if the fountain will not operate 24/7.


Fountain Operating Information:

Pattern Size: 5.5'H x 21'W
Cord Length: 100'
HP: 3/4
Voltage: 120
Operating Amps: 7.3
Recommended Pond Size: Up to 1/2 acre
Min. Depth of Operation: 17.5"


Other VFX Fountain Information:

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

An electrician is NOT needed to install the control panel or the 3400VFX Fountain if an existing 120V, 15 amp receptacle is available.

Made in USA

Optional LED Lighting Available 


As with all of our products, we offer free technical support.

If you have questions about this product, e-mail us at and we will get right back to you.

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Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty
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