WinterKleen Koi Pond Winterizer 2 lb
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Winter Pond Bacteria with Enzymes for Koi Ponds

Ideal for Spring Pond Startup and Fall Shutdown

Cold water treatment for Koi Ponds. Use in fall, winter, and early spring while pond temperatures are below 50 degrees. This powerful blend of cold water bacteria, enzymes, and stimulants is formulated to consume leaves and other waste that accumulates in fall. By breaking down excess nutrients and waste, WinterKleen improves spring start-up conditions. Pond Treatment comes in a resealable bag with a 1 oz measuring scoop.

  • Powerful cleaning treatment for Fall, Winter, and early Spring 
  • Breaks down leaves & waste
  • Reduces nutrients that trigger spring algae blooms
  • Improves Spring startup conditions
  • Fish and Pet Safe

Treats up to 16,000 gallons

WinterKleen Dosage:

500 gallons-   1 scoop
1000 gallons- 2 scoops
5000 gallons- 10 scoops


How to apply WinterKleen:

Broadcast powder across the pond's surface. For best results apply powder where leaves and dead vegetation accumulate.

Treatment should be applied once per week.


Winter Kleen is safe for use in koi ponds, water gardens. Will not harm koi, goldfish, frogs, snails, turtles, or any wildlife that use the pond. 

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