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Natural Waterscapes

Waterfowl Floating Pellets 5 lb

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Natural Waterscapes Waterfowl Feed Pellets - 5 lb

  • Best food for ducks
  • Great feed for wild ducks or pet ducks
  • Floating feed is ideal for swans and geese

Waterfowl Feed by Natural Waterscapes is a premium floating feed for ducks, geese, and swans. The pellets are meant for feeding in water. Waterfowl feed floats for over 1 hour! Pellets consist of fishmeal, and a proper balance of fiber/protein. Providing waterfowl with well balanced diet results in less waste in water, and healthier birds.

What makes this food better for waterfowl?

Most standard bird feeds do not float. This unique feed is formulated to float. Feeding waterfowl in water versus on the ground improves eating conditions for the birds.

Our pellets include niacin for ducks. Niacin is important for ducks and other waterfowl because aids in the processing of food to energy. Getting key nutrients improves their digestive system, nervous system, and circulatory system.

Who is this waterfowl food meant for?

Duck food for pet ducks like muscovy ducks, pekin ducks, khaki campbell ducks

Duck food for wild ducks like mallard ducks, wood ducks

Goose Food

Swan Food

Waterfowl Feed Description

  • Floating Pellets
  • 9mm pellet diameter (approximately the size of a pencil eraser)
  • Includes Niacin for Ducks 

Ingredients include ground corn, wheat, soybean meal, ground oats, and fish meal. 

Open Water Diet is the Best Choice for feeding waterfowl at a PARK. Feeding in the water versus on the ground improves eating conditions and reduces ground waste. This is a great alternative to feeding bread to ducks at the park. Waterfowl feed gives birds the balanced diet they need to maintain good health.

Waterfowl Feeding Instructions

Broadcast pellets into water, feed waterfowl as much as they will eat in 5 minutes. Remove any uneaten food to reduce waste. Store feed in cool, dry place. 

What our Customers are Saying

Best Duck Feed I ever bought

This must be the 5th or 6th time I purchased Duck Feed from this website. I live near two ponds in rural Florida filled with Ducks, Turtles and Fish and they love this stuff and go crazy everytime I throw it in the water for them. It's great that it floats on the water instead of sinking so that the food doesn't go to waste and ever since I've been buying this stuff the local wildlife at the pond won't eat anything else. My only complaint is the fishy smell on my hands after feeding but this minor issue does not deter me from buying more. I'll keep buying from this store and I'm glad I discovered this website upon researching what's the healthiest food to feed pond wildlife. I'll be a frequent customer for a very long time keep up the good work Natural Waterscapes! -Michelle P.

"We have ducks on our lagoon at the Jersey shore and like to feed them without them going on our waverunner docks. This was a game changer as we are able to feed them a quality food that they like and keep them off our dock and waverunner jet ports!!! - Daniel D.

"I and my family like to provide feed for the ducks that swim by when we vacation at a cottage on Keuka Lake each year, and we prefer to offer nutritious feed as opposed to bread which doesnt do them much. The ducks seem to like to be fed in the water more than coming on land though they do that also. So this waterfowl feed has it covered!" - Chris M.

"We like to feed the ducks in our neighborhood's pond. Stale white bread does nothing for the ducks' diet and health. We thought we would try the Natural Waterscapes Waterfowl feed. Apparently, this is good eating! The ducks love eating these pellets. I think they recognize my wife and me and our grandchildren - all of us love to toss the pellets in the air and watch them land on the water. The ducks appear smart and cautious. While they swim towards us, they back away after we toss the pellets. We walk away and watch the ducks swim promptly to the "feeding ground" and scarf up the yummy pellets. We love feeding these wild ducks. And, apparently, they love being fed. I really think they do recognize our shapes or colors, or the duck sounds we make. And it's so much fun watching our young grandchildren excitedly feeding the ducks - especially since we know we are feeding them nutritious food, not crappy stale white bread that does as little for ducks' diet as it does for humans' diet. We like the product and shall be ordering more.
I’m adding to the above review: we’ve now ordered our second bag of 10 lb. Duck feed. We don’t want to run out of food and disappoint our greenheads, brown ducks and black and white ducks. Apparently, they love the pellets and we love the reasonable cost."
 Jeremiah G.

"We bought this in order to feed some feral ducks at a local lake. They went crazy for it. It was hilarious watching them speed across the water nibbling up each piece. It feels good to know we are feeding them a healthy snack. BTW, bread and french fries are not good for them." Martin R.

"Ducks love it! We have a duck pond in a park close to where we live. We started feeding this chow to the Ducks and they gobble it right up. Now, every time we show up at the pond the Ducks make a bee-line straight to us. I guess Ducks have a good memory when it comes to eats. Note, tiny baby ducks can't handle these until they soften up a bit." - Stacey S.

"Gave it to a friend who works along a lagoon filled with wild ducks and geese . She said they loved it !!!" - Beverly G.

Beverly V Grove

It floats!

Gave it to a friend who works along a lagoon filled with wild ducks and geese. She said they loved it!!!

Book Writer

The geese recommend

There's a lot in the bag and the geese and ducks love it it floats in the water, too. It has a slight fishy smell to it. My dog likes to it this as well.

Brent Brown

Ducks Love It, Too Expensive

Great for the ducks, the fish and turtles like it too. It floats well so the ducks can see it, just so expensive.

Amazon Customer

Dry dog food for ducks, geese and swan.

I use it when boating or just hanging out at the lake beach/shore. The ducks and geese love it enough to eat it out of my hand with a few brave enough to grab it from between my pinched lips when I'm showing off. (So far they have been gentle). It looks and smells like dog food. It leaves crumbs and powder on your hands every time so it is best to use it with water nearby to rinse it off. They will eat it if you just pour some in the water or on the ground but where's the fun in that? Overall a great healthy alternative to Pringles or other human food. And best of all it doesn't sink instantly in the water like some duck food does so no pebble goes to waste.

lisa totta

My Babies Love It!

I’ve raised a wild clutch since they were probably one month old from 2021. Started out with puppy chow. I had a puppy at the time. This is much better…it floats on the pond and they still return daily expecting these kibble. Highly recommend. Wish I had found it sooner.


Cheryl Mansfield

The geese love it!

We have a lot of ducks & geese that frequent the lake we have @ the apartments; & they seem to love these pellets! They recognize my car & let me come right up to them to put the food down.


Lloyd Howland

Pellets float for much longer than an hour.

Canada geese love these. Haven’t had the chance to try this with ducks yet.

Edit: Ducks like these too.


Rebecca D.

Ducks and geese love it!

I like that it floats! The turtles like it too!


Robert Greenberg

Swan really like this

Swan like it so much, that they come and look for me to feed them


Rick S

Duck Feed

Ducks love it...Especially the mother hens and baby ducks more than the drakes.


Ducks and coots love it!!

Perfect food for waterfowls!  Easy to catch pellets for those beaks! They must be delicious....ducks and coots seem to appreciate a lot!!! The birds almost became our outdoors pets❤


Don't feed the ducks bread!

The ducks at the park LOVED this. I was happy to bring them healthy food and enjoy my walk in the park.

Richard H


The geese seem to love this

Stacy F

Excellent Product.

This company is by far one of my favorites to order from. Not only is the product excellent the company is always prompt and delivers before the order expectation date and is always on time. Additionally they write adorable notes that are uplifting and joyful when you open your package that make dealing with them an overall excellent experience !!!! 5 star company and product I love them! Definitely use them if you can!!!

Miesha DiMeglio

Smells fresh and is enjoyed by swans & ducks

This food is fresh and well packaged in a fully resealable bag which is also clear so you can see how much you have left. The pellets, which are more like little chunks, do float long enough for the birds to find any they initially missed. Well priced, I’ll be back for more. Especially now that everyone knows where the good food is!

T Martinez

Ducks love it

Needed to feed our ducks some extra protein and this delivered. I have never seen my ducks eat anything like they eat these worms. It's like duck crack. They love it. Just be careful to not overuse these as the extra protein can cause issues with wing development in ducklings but for our grown ducks, it did the trick and they are looking better than ever.

S Leoczko

Great feed for ducks and geese at the local park. The birds seem to absolutely love this stuff.

I bought this because my girlfriend enjoys feeding the ducks and geese at the park close to her office; and we couldn't find anything at the pet store that we felt good about feeding them. The pellets are the perfect size, and as a bonus; their ability to float for up to an hour makes it easy to feed birds that are still in the water. couldn't be more pleased with my purchase, and I'm sure I'll be buying again.

Amazon Customer

The geese loved them

My daughter and I go to the park where there is a Canadian goose that has two broken wings, all the other geese bully him and when they migrate he is left all alone, this is perfect for feeding him in the winter time when we have a lot of snow and he does not have access to a food source

R. Ravindran

Wild ducks geese love it

This product is amazing 

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