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Natural Waterscapes

Waterfowl Feed Open Water Diet 40 lb

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  • Waterfowl Feed Open Water Diet 40 lb
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Natural Waterscapes Open Water Diet Waterfowl Feed 40 lb

  • Best food for ducks
  • Great feed for wild ducks or pet ducks
  • Floating feed is ideal for swans and geese

Waterfowl Feed by Natural Waterscapes is a premium floating feed for ducks, geese, and swans. The pellets are meant for feeding in water. Waterfowl feed floats for over 1 hour! Pellets consist of fishmeal, and a proper balance of fiber/protein. Providing waterfowl with well balanced diet results in less waste in water, and healthier birds.

What makes this food better for waterfowl?

Most standard bird feeds do not float. This unique feed is formulated to float. Feeding waterfowl in water versus on the ground improves eating conditions for the birds.

Our pellets include niacin for ducks. Niacin is important for ducks and other waterfowl because aids in the processing of food to energy. Getting key nutrients improves their digestive system, nervous system, and circulatory system.

Who is this waterfowl food meant for?

Duck food for pet ducks like muscovy ducks, pekin ducks, khaki campbell ducks

Duck food for wild ducks like mallard ducks, wood ducks

Goose Food

Swan Food

Waterfowl Feed Description

  • Floating Pellets
  • 9mm pellet diameter (approximately the size of a pencil eraser)
  • Includes Naicin for Ducks 

Ingredients include ground corn, wheat, soybean meal, ground oats, and fish meal. 

Open Water Diet is the Best Choice for feeding waterfowl at a PARK. Feeding in the water versus on the ground improves eating conditions and reduces ground waste. This is a great alternative to feeding bread to ducks at the park. Waterfowl feed gives birds the balanced diet they need to maintain good health.

Waterfowl Feeding Instructions

Broadcast pellets into water, feed waterfowl as much as they will eat in 5 minutes. Remove any uneaten food to reduce waste. Store feed in cool, dry place. 

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