Vivid Blue Pond Dye Concentrated Quart

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Vivid Blue

Vivid Blue Pond Dye 1 Quart Treats 1 acre

Pond Dye Concentrated QuartTreats 1 acre, up to 6’ deep 

  • 4X Concentrated Dye - treats like a gallon of other diluted pond dyes
  • Shades & protects pond from UV sunlight
  • Limits new algae & weed growth in your pond
  • Simply pour in your pond, no mixing necessary
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

What does Vivid Blue Dye Look Like?

Vivid Blue Pond Dye is a true blue pond dye. Vivid Blue creates a vibrant blue color in pond water. If you want an island getaway right at your pond, this is the color for you!

Blue Pond Dye use to turn pond water blue 

Why should I use pond dye?

Pond Dye limits sunlight penetration to the bottom of the pond where weeds and algae grow. Combining Pond Dye, with Muck Remover, Pond Cleanse, Phosphate Eliminator, and Bottom Aeration provides a natural and proactive approach to pond management. This approach targets the root cause of many pond problems. 


When should I use pond dye?

Pond Dye should be applied all months of the year when the pond is not frozen. Why? Algae has no temperature restrictions. Even if the water temperature is 40 degrees, it is still possible for algae to grow. For southern states that have no freeze over period, treat all year long. For northern ponds, begin dye treatments as soon as ice begins to melt, and continue applying until the pond freezes again.

Pond Dye Dosage Rate:

1 quart treats 1 acre, 6 feet deep. Repeat application monthly for best results. For ponds with heavy flow or during periods of heavy rain, treatment frequency may need to be increased. 

Pond Dye Dosage Rate

Pond Size     Treatment Amount
1/4 acre pond- 10,890 sq ft     8-16 oz
1/2 acre pond- 21,780 sq ft     16-32 oz
1 acre pond- 43,560 sq ft     32-64 oz
2 acre pond- 87,120 sq ft     64- 128 oz







Pond dye treatments are based on water volume. Standard dosage rates treat up to 6’ of water. Increase dosage accordingly for deeper bodies of water.

How to apply liquid pond dye?

Our pond dye is a concentrate, however, no mixing is necessary. Simply pour dye at multiple points around the pond.  Dye will distribute through the pond within 24 hours.

How to use pond dye

How often should Vivid Blue Pond Dye be applied?

Dye MUST be treated at least once per month to maintain concentration. Waiting until dye is noticeably fading, means that sunlight is able to reach the pond bottom. For ponds with flow through, treat with dye every 2 weeks.


Safe for use in Swim Pond, Recreational Pond, Farm Pond

Safe for Fish & Aquatic Life

Safe for Wildlife, Farm Animals, & Pets

Pond dye is a mixture of highly concentrated food-grade colorants.

Once Dye has dispersed through the pond (24-48 hours), the pond can be used for swimming, boating, fishing without causing any discoloration of clothing, skin, fur, or equipment.

Will I still be able to see my fish if I dye my pond?

Yes.  Pond dye does not completely block light transmission so fish and other pond life will still be visible near the surface.  In ponds with exceptionally clear water, it may be more difficult to see fish deeper than 3 feet.