Aquashade Pond Dye

AquaShade Pond Dye 

Aquashade limits plant growth utilizing a blend of colorants designed for maximum results. Treated water will retain an aqua blue tint following application. 

When to Apply Aquashade:

For best results treat with Aquashade before the plant growing season (Prior to plant germination). Use during season will suppress the rate and extent of underwater growth. Aquashade has less effects in waters less than 2 feet deep and on matured submerged plants. 

How to Apply Aquashade:

Pour recommended dose of Aquashade into multiple points around the shoreline of the pond. 

1 gallon treats 1 acre pond 4-6' deep

Treat with AquaShade as needed to maintain pond color.  Typical retreatment interval for AquaShade is 3-4 weeks.  

Long-term use of Aquashade is safe for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and recreational contact.