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Skeeter Mosquito Control

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  • Mosquito Control for Ponds
  • Pond Mosquito and Midge product
  • Spray for mosquitos at pond
  • All natural mosquito killer


SKEETER - Non Toxic Mosquito Control For Ponds

  • Mosquito and Midge Control
  • Fast acting- begin seeing results within 24 hours
  • Safe for People, Animals, Plants and Fish
  • OMRI Listed For Organic Use

32 FL OZ Bottle Treats Up to 43,000 SQFT 

SKEETER is a unique biological larvicide for organic use. The treatment is designed to target mosquitoes and midge in the larvae and pupal stages, controlling an entire life cycle for up to 30 days.

Skeeter can be applied at the same time as an aquatic herbicide treatment to save time. Skeeter can be tank mixed with herbicides without impacting the effectiveness of either the herbicide or larvicide.

What Is Skeeter Made Of?

Skeeter is a unique formulation of garlic and soybean botanical oils combined with Entomopathogenic nematodes (Heterorhabditis megidis), in a water and egg solid solution. These ingredients are all natural and safe to use and are EPA exempt from pesticide registration.  

Where Can I Use SKEETER?

Skeeter can be applied directly to any area where mosquitoes or mosquito larvae are present such as ponds, lakes, and any area with stagnant water.  

How Does Skeeter Mosquito Control Work?

The solution spreads across the surface of the water, allowing the essential oils to coat and destroy the mosquito eggs. The nematodes will seek out a mosquito larvae host to create food and reproduce. The nematode enters the larvae through small openings on the body and this initiates infection. Once inside, the nematode will start to produce symbiotic bacteria, which the nematode feeds on.

The multiplying bacteria is toxic to the mosquito larvae in water and causes sepsis and total death within 48 hours. The nematode will feed, reproduce and the juvenile nematodes will emerge to seek out another larvae host to repeat the cycle. For young adult mosquitos that emerge or land on the solution, the essential oils block their C02 receptors which hinders their feeding cycle.

Controls up to 20 different species of mosquito and midge larvae and pupae for up to 30 days after treatment.

How to apply Skeeter:

Apply Skeeter via sprayer. Shake the bottle to mix the product thoroughly. Add recommended amount of water and Skeeter to the tank sprayer, top off with water as needed. Adjust rates based on level of infestation. Spray directly on the target areas. Treat every 30 days as needed.

Mosquito Control Area   Skeeter   Gallons of Water
1 acre (43,000 sq ft)   32 oz   10 gal
0.5 acre (21,500 sq ft)   16 oz   5 gal
0.25 acre (10,890 sq ft)   8 oz   2.5 gal






Unlike contact herbicides, Skeeter will spread across the water when used for large pond mosquito control / midge control. Every square foot of the pond does not need sprayed in order for the treatment to be effective.

What Causes a Mosquito Infestation?

Several factors can contribute to breeding ground for mosquitoes: 

Standing Water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Accumulation of water in containers, gutters or other areas provides breeding ground

Weather Conditions: Warm and humid weather promotes mosquito breeding and heavy rainfall can create new breeding sites.

Lack of Predators: Natural predators like birds and fish help control mosquito populations. Their absence can lead to an increase in mosquitoes.

What Can Be Done to Manage Mosquitoes?

Regularly empty standing water in containers to reduce breeding sites, implement a regular larvicide management plan. The goal is to prevent the larvae from maturing into adults. Larvicides play a crucial role in mosquito management strategies to help control mosquito populations and minimize the risk of mosquito borne diseases. Mosquitoes are most active during dusk and dawn so the best time to treat is in the morning or late afternoon.

Fun Fact about Mosquitoes:

While indeed mosquitoes are little blood sucking insects, they do serve a purpose in ecosystems as pollinators and a food source for other animals. Unlike mythical Vampires, mosquitos don't drain large amounts of blood, they feed on a small quantity for reproductive purposes. However, their bites can be irritating and in some regions, pose a risk of transmitting diseases. Effective mosquito control measures can minimize their impact on humans. 

Restrictions: No water restrictions, you can drink, swim, irrigate immediately after application 

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