Natural Pond Cleaner Pack- 1/2 acre Farm Pond Treatment
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Natural Pond Cleaner Pack for 1/2 acre pond

Natural Waterscapes Natural Pond Cleaner Pack includes Muck Remover and Pond Cleanse to tackle common pond issues. Use these two beneficial bacteria treatments together. Muck Remover pellets digest sludge that accumulates from dead vegetation, fish waste, leaves, and other organic waste. Pellets consist of good microbes and enzymes. Pond Cleanse packets disperse into pond water where they break down nutrients and suspended waste that causes cloudy water. Packets consist of probiotics, enzymes, and barley straw.

What's included?

Muck Remover 10 lbs (20 scoops)

Pond Cleanse 10 lbs (20 packets)


Both Pond Cleanse and Muck Remover are natural pond treatments. Although they both contain pond microbes, they serve different purposes- Muck Remover targets bottom waste, while Pond Cleanse cleans water.



Pond Treatment Instructions: 

For 1/4 acre pond, apply 2 Pond Cleanse packets, and 2 scoops of Muck Remover pellets every 2 weeks when water temperature is above 38 degrees. Both treatments can be applied on the same day.

Muck Remover- Broadcast pellets throughout the pond.

Pond Cleanse- Toss packets out into water.

Natural Pond Cleaner Dosage Rates

  Muck Remover Pond Cleanse
1/4 acre 2 scoops 2 packets
1/2 acre 4 scoops 4 packets
1 acre 8 scoops 8 packets
2 acres 16 scoops 16 packets

These treatments have no water use restrictions.