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Koi Life Winter Prep Kit with Pond Aerator

  • Koi Life fall pond maintenance
  • Pond Aerator for Koi Pond
  • Cold Water Koi Food
  • Fall Pond Treatment
  • Koi Life Winter Prep Kit with Pond Aerator
  • Koi Life Winter Prep Kit with Pond Aerator
  • Koi Life Winter Prep Kit with Pond Aerator


Koi Life® Winter Pond Prep Kit 

includes Koi Life Pond Aerator, WinterKleen Koi Pond Winterizer, & Koi Life Cold Water Diet Pond Fish Food.

The aeration system is designed for koi ponds up to 16,000 gallons. WinterKleen treats koi ponds up to 16,000 gallons. Koi Life Pond Fish Food includes 2 lbs of floating fish food pellets in a resealable package.

Koi Life® Pond Aerator

Unique compressor design out-performs standard diaphragm compressor pumps. Lower maintenance and longer lasting pump.

The heavy-duty MicroBubbler Diffuser is 36" long and produces micro bubbles to provide fish with ample oxygen.

Weighted 3/8" airline is made of heavy duty rubber.

Winter pond aerator acts as deicer by creating circulation and friction at the pond surface.

WinterKleen Koi Pond Winterizer

This is a powerful pond cleaner for fall & winter. WinterKleen is a blend of cold water bacteria, enzymes, and stimulants formulated to consume leaves and other waste that accumulates. By breaking down excess nutrients and waste, WinterKleen improves spring start-up conditions. Pond Treatment comes in resealable bag with 1 oz measuring scoop. 

Dosage rate- apply 1 scoop per 500 gallons. 

How to apply: Broadcast powder across the pond's surface. Treatment should be re-treated once per week. 

Winter Kleen is safe for use in koi ponds, water gardens. Will not harm koi, goldfish, frogs, snails, turtles, or any wildlife.

Koi Life Pond Fish Food Cold Water Diet

Cold Water Diet provides koi and goldfish with the proper diet for cold weather months. Diet is formulated for high digestibility as fish slow down in cool water.

  • Floating fish food pellets
  • Formulated for use when water temperature drops
  • Contains wheat germ for better digestion
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Pond Aerator
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