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Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide 12 lb

Cannot ship to AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, ME, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA or Canada
  • Cutrine Granular Algaecide
  • Pond algae control
  • Algae Killer for Pond
  • Moss and Algae Killer


Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide - our Best Selling String Algae Treatment

Are you looking for a product that will help control string algae in your pond?

Cutrine Plus Granular is designed to kill bottom-growing string algae aka filamentous algae and chara. It’s simple to use, and sinks quickly to the bottom of the pond. EPA-approved for use in lakes and potable water reservoirs, farm fish ponds and fish hatcheries.

You can get rid of string algae with ease using this professional algaecide! Just add it directly into your pond once every week or two until the problem subsides. No more worrying about unsightly green waters ruining your view! This product is also safe for all types of aquatic life, so you don’t have to worry about harming any animals in or around your pond when using it. Get started today by clicking on our ad right now!

EPA-approved for use in lakes and potable water reservoirs, farm fish ponds and fish hatcheries.

Treats up to 8,000 sq ft

How to use Cutrine:

Simply sprinkle recommended dosage in affected areas of the pond. For BEST results treat early on a clear sunny day. 

Application Rate for Cutrine Granular:

For spot treatment apply 1.5 lb per 1,000 sq ft

For large treatment areas treat 40 lbs per surface acre

Cutrine Plus Granular Dosage Rates
  2,000 sq ft 5,000 sq ft 10,000 sq ft 40,000 sq ft
Dosage Rate per Treatment 3 lb 7.5 lb 15 lb

60 lb


How Often Should Cutrine Plus Granular be Applied?

On average, Cutrine manages algae for approximately 5.5 weeks. Only 2-3 treatments per season are required for algae management.


Will this kill my pond scum? 

A number of vegetation types fall into the category of pond scum. Not all surface films are algaes. Here is a helpful source to determine what your "scum" is- Green Pond Scum


Water Restrictions: NONE

Shipping Restrictions: Cannot ship to  AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, ME, NJ, NY, PR, RI, VT, WA or Canada

Other Restrictions: Do not use in ponds with Koi, Goldfish, or Trout unless carbonate hardness levels are above 50ppm.

Do NOT use in garden ponds.

String Algae treatment case study - After photo taken 25 days after treatment with Cutrine Plus and pond dye.

As with all of our products, we offer free technical support.

If you have questions about this product, e-mail us at and we will get right back to you. 

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