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Biohaven Floating Island 5'x5'

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  • Floating island for lake
  • Floating Wetland


BioHaven Floating Island 5'x5' 

  • Introduces new habitat for fish and wildlife
  • Reduces unwanted nutrients from water
  • Enhances pond aesthetic

The Floating Island is constructed of special biomedia which allows for plants to grow through the island without compromising the integrity of the wetland. Roots are able to grow into the water which provides many benefits. Each island includes anchor points to allow the wetland to be secured into a specific location. To make larger islands, sections can be connected by anchor points. 

Floating Wetland Benefits to Fish

  • Protection
  • Shade
  • Food

Three key benefits include protection, shade and a food source. The exposed root system provides an excellent habitat for young fish to seek shelter. Small fish can escape the reach of larger predators by swimming into the roots that grow from the island. Having floating islands creates shade in the water. Reduced temerpatures lower fish stress and help to maintain dissolved oxygen. Within the roots lives small microorganism. These make up the base of the food chain for newly hatched fish.

Floating Duck Island for Pond or Lake

  • Resting Area
  • Nesting Area
  • Protection from Predators

Whether you have pet ducks, swans, or occasional migrating waterfowl visitors, the floating wetlands provide many key benefits. Islands give an easy resting area for waterfowl swimming around the pond or lake. Resting on an island versus along the shore protects vulnerable birds from predators like coyotes and foxes. Birds can use the large islands as nesting sites.

Floating Wetland Improves Water Quality

These islands act as floating treatment wetlands. Nutrients in water can be absorbed through plant roots that are growing on the island. While the nutrients are beneficial to the floating wetland plants they promote algae blooms and reduce clarity of the water. This is a win-win for the pond and the plants growing on the island.

What kind of plants can grow on a floating island?

The unique design allows for a wide range of planting options from wildflower, grasses, wetland plants, and even sod grass! The type of plants selected varies based on the goal of the pond or lake owner.

Create your own floating wetland with our shoreline seed blend.

If you want to plant mature aquatic plants, here are some varieties that work well:

  • Blue Flag Iris
  • Lurid Sedge (and other aquatic sedges)
  • Common Rush
  • Pickerel Weed
  • Arrowhead
  • Water Mint
  • Sweet Flag
  • Water Forget-Me-Not
  • Creeping Jenny

How to plant a floating pond island-

Islands can be planted a number of ways: starting from seed, using plants started in pots, or rolling out sod grass on to the surface. For seed plantings, first incorporate some planting media throughout the island, then add seed blend. The island has pre-cut planting pockets for potted plants- simply remove the pot, add a little potting soil and the plant. If using sod, first fill the pre-cut planting holes with potting soil. Secure the sod in place with landscaping pins.

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