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Aquatic Weed Control Mat 12' x 24'

  • aquatic weed mat for lake and pond
  • lake mat for pond lake weeds
  • Aquatic Weed Control Mat 12' x 24'


Aquatic Weed Control Mat 12' x 24' - LakeMat Pro

Take control of pond weeds without chemicals! This aquatic weed control mat is an excellent solution for states with aquatic chemical restrictions. The LakeMat Pro is also a great solution for homeowners of lakefront properties.

The most effective way to control lake and pond weeds: No chemicals, no raking. A perimeter frame makes LakeMat Pro super easy to install and move. 

It is made of a weighted, proprietary fabric that rests on the lake bottom preventing any aquatic weed growth, yet allows water and oxygen to flow through freely. LakeMat® fabric is guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship. Lake Mat Pro includes a frame constructed on aluminized steel. 

Assembly & Installation takes less than 20 minutes. Leave the LakeMat Pro in an area for 4-6 weeks to kill aquatic weeds. No sun — no weeds. You'll also stop new seeds from sprouting. 


  • It’s Water Permeable, lets 90 gallons of water to pass through per minute.
  • It’s Gas Permeable. Gases from decaying biomass (lake weeds) pass directly through it.
  • It’s Non-Woven. It takes 110 lbs of pressure at 3/8’s of an inch to poke a hole in it.
  • It blocks 98 percent of available sunlight.
  • According to its U.S. manufacturers, the fabric lasts at least 20 years.
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