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Beach Rake for Lake Weeds

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  • pond rake, lake rake, beach rake
  • weed rake for ponds


Beach Rake- 36" Lake Weed Rake 

  • Remove debris easily
  • Designed for floating and submerged weeds
  • Heavy duty construction

Raking out debris improves pond health by reducing the buildup of organic waste at the pond bottom. The 36” Lake Rake is an excellent multi-functional tool for removal of dead vegetation, algae mats, and floating weeds.

Beach Rake Package Includes:
11’ Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle (2 sections that connect together)
36" Aluminum Rake Head
50' Poly Rope
Detachable Float

The light weight design makes retrieving weeds and debris easier. The lake rake only weighs 7 pounds!

2 Ways To Use The Lake Rake:

Floating Pond Weeds and Debris:
Use the attached float and rope when removing surface weeds. Only the first section of the aluminum handle is necessary when using in this manner. 
Toss the rake out into the target area. Slowly retrieve the lake rake with the poly rope.
Submerged Weeds:
Remove rake float to allow the head to sink. Begin raking along shorelines and dock areas. Be sure to collect all fragmented weeds before you finish raking. Many weeds reproduce through fragmentation. 
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