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Kasco RobustAire Lake Aeration System

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  • Kasco Lake Aeration System
  • Kasco RobustAire Diffused Aeration
  • Inside Robustaire Compressor Cabinet
  • Kasco Aeration Diffuser
  • Diffused Aeration
  • Prevent Lake Fish Kill
  • Kasco Large Cabinet
  • Kasco Large cabinet compressors
  • Kasco Robust Aire pond compressors
  • Kasco lake aerator
  • Kasco Lake aerator compressor cabinet
$9,921.00 - $12,771.00


Kasco RobustAire Diffused Aeration System for Lakes & Large Ponds

•      Quietest Lake Aerator

•      No Electricity in the Water / Safe for Swimming

•      Effective/ Efficient Low-Cost Operation

•      Year-Round Aeration

•      Lifetime Warranty on Cabinet and Diffusers

RobustAire Systems can aerate up to 20 acres (varies on number of diffusers and average depth). Aeration System layouts vary based on the shape of the lake and the depths throughout. Systems can be built with 7 to 12 diffuser stations to meet the needs of the lake or pond. Recommended for bodies of water that are 8 ft or deeper.

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What’s included with a Robust Aire System?

•      Compressor Cabinet
•      Rocking Piston ½ Hp Compressors
•      Diffuser Assemblies

SureSink Weighted Tubing NOT Included (sold separately)

RobustAire System       # of Diffusers     Compressors     Running Amps    
RA7     7     (3) 1/2 HP     10.5     120
RA8     8     (3) 1/2 HP     10.5     120
RA9     9     (3) 1/2 HP     10.5     120
RA10     10     (4) 1/2 HP     14     120
RA11     11     (4) 1/2 HP     14     120
RA12     12     (4) 1/2 HP     14     120

*Optional 230V available 

Why Choose Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration?

The RobustAire Lake Aeration Systems are specially constructed to be the QUIETEST running aeration systems on the market. These lake aerators are designed for 24 hour operation. The unique cabinet design allows for better air flow than traditional cabinets, which keeps motors cooler for continual operation. Enhanced filtration built into the cabinet increases the life of compressors. Most maintenance can be done from the shoreline and visual maintenance indicator on the air filter turns red when cleaning is needed.


What makes this the BEST LAKE AERATOR?

  • Extremely durable built to handle tough weather conditions
  • Minimal noise- due to the unique air flow design, compressor noise is minimal. This is the QUIETEST aeration system on the market
  • Easy access to air filters for maintenance- accessible without opening the cabinet
  • Maintenance Indicator button to show when filters need changed

RobustAire Lake Aeration Benefits:

Diffused aeration is often quieter and less visually intrusive than traditional surface aeration methods. It is particularly effective in deeper bodies of water, where achieving uniform oxygen distribution can be challenging with standard aeration techniques.

Recommended Airline Options:

SureSink Weighted Tubing is sold separately and comes in 100ft rolls or 500 ft reels. 100 Ft rolls include fittings, 500 ft reels fittings are not included and sold separately. 5/8" tubing recommended for over 300ft.

Remote Manifold Option (Sold Separately)

Kasco also offers a remote manifold installation option. This allows you to run one main header line thousands of feet instead of many smaller lines the same distance. A valve box at the shore then takes the main line and splits it to multiple diffuser lines.

Can I use The Robust-Aire Diffuser in Winter?

This system is designed for year-round operation and can even be utilized in the winter months for deicing. Moving the diffusers closer to shore in the winter will allow a small surface area to remain open preventing winter kill. Kasco recommends Insulating the airlines from the compressor cabinet to a minimum of 3 feet into the water with polyurethane foam.

Are There Any Water Restrictions?

The Robust Aire System operates from the compressor cabinet, no electricity ever enters the water, which makes this system ideal if your water body is used for recreational activities such as swimming. There are no water restrictions for this system.


 If installing unit into a body of water that is extremely stratified, use caution when starting the system. In some cases, colder water sitting at the bottom could hold gases that can be harmful to fish, and often contains little to no dissolved oxygen. To prevent a fish kill it is recommended to start aeration at a slower pace by running the system and short intervals only. The suggested interval could be running only an hour a day for one week and then gradually increasing the duration until the system is running continuously. Sunny days are preferable to cloudy days for system start up, since photosynthesis will supplement oxygen levels as the water is mixed.


•      Diffusers: Lifetime

•      Cabinet: Lifetime

•      Exhaust fans: 3 years

•      SureSink Tubing: 15 years

•      Compressor Motor: 3 years

•      Piston cups and cylinders: 2 years

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