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KASCO Marine

KASCO Marine AquatiClear 3400CDM Water Circulator- 0.75HP

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  • Aquaticlear by Kasco
  • Pond water circulator
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KASCO AquatiClear Water Circulator 3/4 HP

  • Keeps areas clear of debris, odor, and algae
  • Lake bottom cleaner
  • Reduces risk of fish kill

The AquatiClear dock water circulator clears debris and weeds while also improving water quality.

3/4 HP Aquaticlear clears 100 foot diameter area around the installed area.

What's included with Aquaticlear by Kasco:

  • Motor unit
  • Power cord (25'-200' length options)
  • Universal Dock Mounting Kit INCLUDED
  • Optional control panel (sold separately)

Universal Dock Mount

This mount can be installed directly to a dock, piling or other structure. The Universal Dock Mount allows for adjustments to the angle of the motor in the water. The mount includes a swivel bracket for directing the flow of water. Aquaticlear with universal dock mount makes dock maintenance easier.

The motor can be easily removed from water by pulling the mounted pole on the swivel towards you. This makes motor inspection and cleaning simple.

Why use a water circulator?

Water circulators provide many benefits to the ecosystem of a lake or pond. Water circulators are commonly used lake docks to keep the area around the dock clear. AquatiClear is lake maintenance made simple.

It's the perfect time for a water circulator! Times when water circulation is a must:

-Unable to spray herbicides: When lakefront property owners are unable to use herbicides to manage weeds that accumulate around their dock, an Aquaticlear can be installed to keep debris from accumulating at their dock area

-Unsightly algae around a lake: When a lakefront dock becomes surrounded by algae mats, spot treating the algae only in that area won't control other growth from moving closer. Aquaticlear keeps algae at bay.

-Harmful Algae Blooms (cyanobacteria):Cyanobacteria often forms in calm areas like near shorelines and docks making water unsafe for swimming. Keeping dock area clear of harmful algae blooms by improving water circulation.

-Unwanted waste build up: Dock and shoreline areas can accumulate trash, dead vegetation and muck. Installing a water mover reduces waste from building up around boats and other watercraft


Year round use summer- aquatic weed control, winter- dock protection from ice jacking


Dock Benefits

Water circulators will prevent growth, and remove existing underwater weeds from near the dock area. Re-distribution of water from near the dock will also prevent unwanted odor, and surface level algae. Circulators are an efficient lake weed removal method.

When used in shallow water areas, aquatic circulators will also remove organic sediment found in shallow areas of water.

The removal of muck and weeds will protect the legs on the dock. This assists in the difficult underwater dock maintenance.


Pond Water Benefits

AquatiClear serves as a large aerator and increases water movement.

Circulation increases dissolved oxygen in deeper areas of water which is vital for fish health. A water mover also prevents thermocline- hot water on the surface, and colder water down below.

Removing hot water from the surface of the pond also assists in mosquito reduction.

Circulation of water also prevents water from freezing over. The constant water repositioning also prevents rapid unexpected fish kill in the winter months.

The benefits of circulation are beneficial to fish all year. Oxygenated water, and more moderate temperatures reduce the risk of fish kill, and improve overall health of fish.

Why AquatiClear?


  • Clog resistent
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Installation


AquatiClear is designed with new technology to make lake maintenance easier.

The circulator is equipped with a propeller guard to allow floating debris, and loose weeds to easily flow past the unit. The clog resistant circulator design makes for a hassle-free experience.

Aquaticlear Specifications:

Horsepower: 0.75 HP

Voltage: 120 V

Amps: 6.6 A

Thrust: 36 lb

Cord Length: 25'-200'

Warranty: 2 Year

Made in USA

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Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty
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