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Natural Waterscapes

Game Fish Variety Food 2,000 lb

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  • Bulk fish food pellets
  • fish food for lakes
  • Game Fish Variety Food 2,000 lb
  • fish food for lakes
  • bass fish food


Game Fish Variety Sport Fish Food 2,000 lb 

Full Pallet of 50, 40 lb bags

Feed pond fish Natural Waterscapes' Game Fish Food, a premium pellet diet, to maximize growth potential. Game Fish Variety is appealing to a variety of pond fish at varying stages of growth. Ideal feed for bluegill, trout, bass, bream, catfish, crappie, perch. A high protein diet and quality ingredients yield better growth during important developmental stages.

  • Formulated for sport fish species
  • High protein fish food for growing TROPHY FISH
  • Excellent food for automated fish feeder on fish pond or lake

Great fish food for lakes

Often times fish that are in lakes are not feed trained. Our Game Fish Variety has attractant to entice fish to check out the feed if its something they aren't familiar with. Once fish taste the feed, they keep coming back for more! 

Floating fish food pellets

Feeding is more enjoyable when you can see what is eating the food! By feeding fish floating pellets, they come to the surface to eat. You might be able to see species that normally wouldn't come to the surface. 

Game Fish Food Specs:

Crude protein 40%

Crude fat 10%

Crude fiber 4%

Pellet Size 3mm

Works well with Texas Hunter Feeder which is a solar operated automatic fish feeder

Feed for Pond Fish:

Largemouth Bass
Hybrid Bass
Black Crappie
Yellow Perch
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