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Natural Waterscapes

Double Diffuser for PowerAir Units



Double Diffuser for PowerAir Units

Diffuser Assemblies are designed to be placed at the bottom of a pond or lake. The self weighted design eliminates need for gravel and reduces installation time. 


  • Low maintenance 10" rubber membrane diffusers in single configuration
  • Self weighted, powder coated steel base
  • Strain relief hardware for fast and secure installation
  • Fine bubble diffusers for maximum lift and oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Low, head pressure loss
  • Includes inlet air fittings for tubing
  • Unique barbed fittings with built in check valves to keep water out of tubing
  • Designed for fresh water applications
  • Five year warranty
  • Recommended air flow 1.6-6 cfm

Units Include:

  • Self-weighted base with installed Scheduled 80 plumbing
  • 10" rubber membrane diffuser disks with 3/4" opt inlet
  • Unique barbed check valve fittings
  • Stainless steel hose clamps and strain relief hardware
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