Deluxe Windmill Aeration System - 24' Tower
Windmill Aerator

Deluxe Windmill Pond Aerator Kit  24' Tower

The Windmill Aeration System by Outdoor Water Solutions is the industry leader in wind driven aeration. The Balanced Camshaft Technology minimizes bearing fatigue using stainless steel components. The self governing head protects the unit during high winds. This windmill pond aerator can effectively aerate a pond up to 30' of depth. 

  • Fast and easy assembly!
  • Designed to aerate 0.25-3 acres
  • Operates in at little as 3-5 mph winds
  • Can be located up to 1,000 ft from pond
  • Generates 3.0-4.5 cfm of air

Deluxe Windmill Aeration Kit Includes:

Galvanized Windmill Tower and Head
Non-weighted Airline 100’ 
2 airstones so you can aerate in two separate locations
2 foot valves
2 rolls of 100’ weighted airline to sink your airline to the bottom of the pond
1 set of pivot points for easier maintenance
2-way selector valve to better regulate airflow between the two airstones
3 hose connector packs
2 airstone housing buckets
2 duck decoy markers

5 year manufacturer's warranty

24' Windmill provides 20% more aeration than 12' Windmill


Windmill aeration provides supplemental aeration to ponds. Wind is not a constant energy source.  Although wind is not as effective as an electric powered system, it still provides necessary oxygen to ponds without electricity.