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Bentonite Quik-Gel (2,400 lbs)



200 mesh Sodium Bentonite Quik-Gel - Viscosifier

Sold in full pallet of 48 - 50lb bags, 2,400lbs total.

One 50lb bag = 0.7 cubic feet

About Quik-Gel- Viscosifier

Quikgel is often used for drilling applications.  When mixed with water it forms a low-solids drilling fluid.  Quikgel mixes quickly to reach maximum viscosity.  For pond bottom and general soil sealing, engineers sometimes specify the 200 mesh sodium bentonite rather than granular bentonite clay.   

QUIK-GEL® viscosifier is an easy-to-mix, finely ground (200-mesh), premium-grade, high-yielding Wyoming sodium bentonite. QUIK-GEL viscosifier imparts viscosity, fluid loss control and gelling characteristics to freshwater-based drilling fluids.

Advantages and Functions of Quik-Gel

The use of QUIK-GEL viscosifier promotes or assists the following:

  • Mix with fresh water to form a low-solids drilling fluid for general drilling applications
  • Viscosify water-based drilling fluids
  • Reduce filtration by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability
  • Improve hole-cleaning capability of drilling fluids
  • Mix with foaming agents to make "gel/foam" drilling fluids for air/foam drilling applications
  • Reducing infiltration rate of soils
  • Improving clay pond liners

Storing unused bentonite:

Store bentonite in a dry place. Bentonite stored outside should be tarped to prevent bentonite from getting wet and swelling.

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