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Bentonite Hole Plug (2,400 lbs)

  • Baroid hole plug
  • Sodium Bentonite Chips


Sodium Bentonite Hole Plug - Bentonite Chips for 

Sold in full pallets of 48 - 50lb bags, 2,400lbs total.

One 50lb bag = 0.7 cubic feet

Wyoming Sodium Bentonite is a super expanding clay used for sealing ponds and plugging holes. Hole Plug is bentonite chips 1/4" to 3/8" in size. Hole Plug is ideal for sealing drill holes, plugging well holes, and plugging holes in ponds. Since the Holeplug bentonite chips are larger than the Benseal granular form or the Natural Waterscapes granular, it should be the first choice when dealing with a hole in a pond dam that has water flow.  IF the flow is moderate and the hole is less than 6" in diameter, the chips will start to bridge the hole in the dam as they are added to the flowing water.  Add the chips only as fast as the flowing water will draw them into the hole so that they are drawn as deep into the hole as possible.  Once the flow slows, use the flat end of a digging bar or similar tool to force more bentonite into the hole until it is full.

What is the difference between granular bentonite and bentonite chips?

The bentonite chips in Holeplug are 1/4" TO 3/8".  Chips are used for pouring in holes for plugging.  Holeplug can be used in situations where water is flowing through a hole in the dam.  This typically works best for holes less than 6 inches in diameter.  The larger particle size of the Holeplug bentonite allows it to lodge along the sides of the hole and gradually plug the opening.  It's important to force as much bentonite into the hole once the flow has stopped to reinforce the repair.  Granular bentonite like Benseal has a particle size of -8 mesh, similar to the size of kitty litter. Granular bentonite is ideal for sealing pond bottoms and dam repair.   

Plugging A Hole Using Hole Plug, Bentonite Chips:

Calculate the quantity of bentonite Hole Plug required to fill a hole by using the table below. Pour bentonite chips slowly into the the hole, holding the bag approximately 1 foot above the hole while pouring. Fill hole completely to form a proper plug. 

Hole Diameter in Inches    Pounds of Bentonite To Fill 1 Foot    
2" 1.6 lb
3" 3.5 lb
4" 6.3 lb
5" 9.8 lb
6" 14.1 lb
7" 19.2 lb
8" 25.1 lb
9" 31.8 lb
10" 39.2 lb
11" 47.5 lb
12" 56.5 lb
15" 88.3 lb
18" 127.2 lb

 Example: Pipe is 12", pipe length is 30'. Multiply 56.5 lb (pounds needed for 12" pipe, see table) by 30 feet. Total bentonite needed for this pipe is 1,695 lbs.

Storing unused bentonite:

Store bentonite in a dry place. Bentonite stored outside should be tarped to prevent bentonite from getting wet and swelling.

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