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Bentonite Bucket Test Kit



Bentonite Application Rate Test Kit

Includes the essentials for testing your soil supplemented with bentonite 

Test kit includes pre-drilled 5 gallon bucket with lid, pre-measured packets of bentonite at the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 lb per square foot rates, and detailed instructions.

If you're asking yourself "How much bentonite do I need?"  This is the kit that will help you answer that question.

Ships via standard ground parcel service.  


The bentonite bucket test is completed as follows:



  • Place 6-8 inches of soil from the pond to be sealed in the bottom of the bucket
  • From the application rate table, select the bentonite application rate for the soil that matches the pond soils
  • Mix soil with bentonite at that rate in lbs/square foot
  • Thoroughly blend the soil and dry granular bentonite until the mixture is uniform
  • If the soil is dry, add water 1/4 cup at a time until soil is easily molded and can be compacted completely. Use care not to overwater. 
  • Firmly tamp the soil/bentonite mixture into the bottom of the bucket
  • Using a permanent marker or paint stick mark a fill line roughly 2 inches from the top of the bucket
  • Gently (so that the soil isn’t disturbed) add water to the fill line
  • Monitor water loss over a minimum 72 hour period
  • If seepage continues, repeat at an increased bentonite application rate until desired results are achieved


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