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PowerAir 2 Bottom Diffused Aeration System

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PowerAir 2 Pond Aerator System

Breathe life into your pond with the energy efficient PowerAir Pond Aeration System. Improve dissolved oxygen levels at all water depths to create oxygen rich habitat for aquatic life.  Lower carbon dioxide concentration for healthier fish and a cleaner pond.

This rugged, durable pond aerator operates quietly while circulating impressive volumes of water. Compressed air is forced to the pond bottom where it is distributed to weighted air diffusers.  The aeration diffusers release a stream of fine bubbles that rise rapidly to the pond surface drawing the surrounding water upward. 

Manufactured in the U.S. from high quality components.  The pond aerator cabinet is powder coated steel for strength and protection.  The cabinet includes an integrated cooling fan to keep the air pump cool during peak operation.  

Ponds need oxygen. All aquatic life in the pond need oxygen. Biological breakdown of nutrients and organic waste requires oxygen.

PowerAir2 System Components:

  • 1/4 HP Rocking Piston Air Compressor
  • Air Compressor Cabinet with Cooling Fan
  • 2 Weighted Diffuser Stations
  • 200' Weighted Rubber Airline
  • All necessary fittings

All Systems include a 3 year warranty.

The PowerAir 2 Bottom Diffused Aeration System effectively aerates ponds up to 1 acre in size.

The PowerAir Complete Aeration System Includes: 

The PowerAir Rocking Piston Air Compressor is built for continuous operation. This quiet air compressor uses little energy and an extended maintenance cycle means that down time is minimized. 


The compressor is housed in a powder coated steel cabinet. This cabinet protects against 4 seasons of weather. Built in vents and cooling fan on the opposing side delivers ample air for operation. Good air circulation lowers the risk of a unit over-heating during warm weather. Access the compressor easily with the hinged lid. A locking arm is installed to prop the lid safely open during maintenance. Locking cabinet protects the system from tampering. The motor and cooling fan both plug in to the GFCI outlet, which is housed within the cabinet. For units with multiple diffusers- manifold control for airline is also housed within the cabinet.


Distribute dissolved oxygen to the entire body of water with our self-weighted diffuser stations. The self-sinking design makes installation a breeze. The diffuser base is powder coated to prevent rusting. A built-in check valve prevents the back-flow of water when system is shut down. The diffuser discs are constructed of a self cleaning rubber membrane. The rubber membrane contains hundreds of small slits which produces fine bubbles . All necessary pipe connections are included. Strain relief is included to avoid unnecessary stress on hose connections.


System Specifications:

HP: 1/4
Voltage: 115
Amps: 3
Watts: 190
CFM: 2.17 @ 5 PSI
dB: <60

 Pond Aerator-How to add oxygen to a pond

Critical Pond Aerator Needs 

•Ponds with high nutrients
•Ponds covered in weed growth
•Extreme heat
•Prior to chemical application
•Sensitive fish species (trout)

Many reasons to aerate revolve around fish health. Algae blooms and pond weeds that overtake a pond can also diminish oxygen levels overnight. Pond owners are shocked when they see their fish belly up in the morning because nothing appeared to be wrong up to this point. Increasing water temperature also depletes oxygen. Similar to the issue with weeds consuming oxygen at night, this same oxygen consumption occurs as weeds die after chemical application. Although your chemicals are labeled as “safe for fish” this doesn’t take into account the natural process that is happening as the weeds die. 

In addition to better fish health, aeration provides additional benefits to the pond itself. Increased oxygen levels allow beneficial bacteria to thrive. Aeration is part of the proactive pond management process. Aeration improves water quality by aiding the break down of suspended organics in water. 

Pond Aerator Maintenance:

As with all aeration systems, we recommend replacing the air filter element every 3-6 months to protect the compressor against wear. 

Air Filter Replacement 

Every 2-3 years compressor maintenance kit can be utilized to improve motor performance/output

Compressor Maintenance Kit

Additional Aerator Parts:

Replacement Compressor for PowerAir 1 & PowerAir 2

Single Diffuser for PowerAir Units

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