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Pond construction is different than virtually any other type of excavation work. Specialized techniques can make or break your pond or lake construction project. We offer expert design and construction management services to be sure that your earthwork contractor has the tools to do the job right:

Pond Construction in PA

pond construction contractor in PA

There are many specialized pond types and any pond can be constructed to include elements of some or all of the following:

  • Fishing pond
  • Feature pond for aesthetics
  • Swimming Pond with full filtration
  • Attractive stormwater management pond
  • Fountain, landscape centerpiece
  • Large Koi Pond
  • Bass Pond
  • Trout Pond

Before starting pond construction be sure that all of the intended uses of the pond have been addressed and included in an adequate pond design.  Our full 3D designs provide the opportunity to view the pond from any angle and even complete a virtual walkthrough of the site via HD video prior to finalizing the design and beginning construction. 



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