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Solar Pond Aerator

Effective pond aeration needs continuous power for larger ponds and lakes. For remote water bodies, solar pond aeration systems produce circulation without a grid electric connection. Many beautiful ponds are in distant locations without access to conventional electricity.

In most cases, the most important times to circulate and aerate a pond are during the overnight hours when oxygen is consumed by fish and plants creating the risk of a fish kill. Low dissolved oxygen at night is the most common cause of fish death, particularly during hot summer months. The best solar-powered pond aerators use batteries to store electricity so that aeration can continue during the most critical overnight hours.  Aeration Systems without battery storage can be used in situations that only need aeration during peak daylight hours.

 Solar aerators with batteries provide aeration 24 hours a day. Premium solar-powered aerator models can run for several days of cloudy weather before the solar charged batteries are depleted. Selecting the correct aerator, solar panels, battery charger, and air compressor to provide oxygen to the aeration diffusers on the pond bottom can be difficult.

Fortunately, several manufacturers produce matched solar-powered aeration systems that eliminate the guesswork. These systems are ready to improve dissolved oxygen concentrations and water quality right out of the box. Most solar pond aeration systems come with everything needed with the exception of a mounting pole for the solar panels and concrete to secure the pole.

Solar Aerator Installation

Installing the solar-powered aerator is a reasonable DIY pond improvement project that can be completed in a weekend. We recommend either a gravel or concrete pad to secure the aeration system cabinet.

The solar panels are typically mounted to a galvanized steel post secured 2-3' into the ground to keep them above surrounding vegetation. Once the solar panels are mounted, the batteries are placed in the cabinet and connected. The solar panels are connected to the charging system that powers the air pump and directs excess energy to charge the batteries for nighttime and cloudy day operation. It may help to have two people for the installation because the solar batteries are very heavy.

The weighted airline is connected to the air manifold in the cabinet and allowed to sink to the pond bottom along with the air diffusers. The self-weighted air diffusers convert compressed air from the solar air pump into fine bubbles that pull water from the bottom to the surface when they rise. In this way, the solar bubbler circulates the pond and improves dissolved oxygen at all water depths.

Selecting the correct solar pond aerator doesn't need to be complicated. Call, chat, or email us for a no-obligation aeration system recommendation. 

Solar air pump and bubbler
Pond side installation of solar pond aeration system