Kansas Custom Pond Design


This 0.8-acre pond required extensive planning to overcome a number of challenges including limited contributing watershed area, low quality clay for lining, and poor groundwater quality for makeup water.  The pond serves as the focal point in a backyard habitat that includes a native prairie grass meadow, walking trail, native trees and shrubs, and native aquatic plants.  

The poor clay soil on site was supplemented with sodium bentonite clay and a two-part polymer pond sealant to limit the amount of water required from the well that was drilled to support the pond. An automatic water level control system is incorporated to operate the well only when the water level falls to a preset point.  Additional storage between the routine full water mark and the overflow allows runoff from summer storms to be held in the pond and reduce the amount of groundwater required to replace water lost to evaporation.  Well water is treated with a customized filtration system that is also operated by the automatic water level control to ensure high-quality makeup water is entering the pond.

To improve the water quality and maintain excellent conditions for the fishery, a recirculating wetland filtration system draws water from 3 surface skimmers.  After passing through debris screens, the water is discharged into the treatment wetland and filtered by the native plant community as it follows a serpentine path to the return point to the pond.  A bottom aeration system provides circulation throughout the pond to maintain high dissolved oxygen levels. 

After completing the detailed design, Natural Waterscapes worked closely with the Owner's Landscape Architect and local excavating contractor to provide support and inspection services during construction.