EASY PRO Bio Balls 200 ct

EASY PRO BioBalls 200 ct filter media

These plastic Bio Balls are a great media for use in all types of pond filters. Place bio balls in pressure filter, waterfall filter or skimmer filter. When using in waterfall or skimmer we recommend putting filter balls in a mesh bag.

  • Lightweight media
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Long lasting
  • Great for biological filtration

Bio Balls vs Lava Rock



Lava Rock

What is it plastic porous balls porous stone
When should they be cleaned once per year once per year
How often should they be replaced never (lasts forever) every 1-2 years
Purpose biological filtration biological filtration
Whats in the box
200 bio-balls -1.5" each
Mesh bag 

How do bioballs work?

Bio balls act as a biological filter. Their job isn't to capture debris. It is to "polish" water before returning to the pond. Bioballs have a ton of surface area for good bacteria to colonize. As water flows through bioballs, the good bacteria break down unwanted nutrients. 

Where to install bioballs

Bioballs should be placed AFTER filter pads. The purpose of the filter pads is filtering out debris where bioballs are cleaning the things you can't see. 

If filters need cleaned, carefully remove bioballs so that you can access filter pads. Clean filter pads but NOT bioballs. ONLY clean bio balls when shutting a pond down for the season. 

How many bioballs do I need?

200 bio-balls filter approximately 1,000 gallons. 


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