Vertex Sound Reduction Kit for Small Cabinet

Vertex Aeration Sound Reduction Kit for Small Cabinet

For use with Vertex Air 1 XL2 and Air 1 PLUS XL2 systems.

One of the biggest concerns of pond owners who are looking to purchase an aeration system is sound. Vertex has taken the extra steps to create a quieter system with their Sound Reduction Kit. The Sound Kit is installed on your aeration system prior to leaving the manufacturing facility. This kit includes high density sound absorbing foam, noise reducing twin muffler, and noise reducing side mounted muffler. 


Chart Shows decibel readings of a normal conversation(61 decibels) and the Vertex Aeration Systems. The noise level is measured at 5', 15', and 30' away. See significant sound reduction with the installation of the Sound Reduction Kit. 

For every 10 decibels of sound reduction, a human perceives the sound to drop by about half!