Treatment Booster PLUS 16 oz (surfactant) by Pond Logic

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Pond Logic Treatment Booster Plus
Treatment Booster PLUS is used to enhance the effects of other liquid chemicals. To effectivey treat weeds and algae, two things must happen.
1st - The water tension has to be broken down to allow the chemical to penetrate the water in the appropriate spot.
2nd - The cuticle for the weed has to be penetrated for the chemical to be absorbed.

Treatment Booster PLUS Dosage Rates
Chemical/Water Solution
(In Gallons)
Treatment Booster PLUS
(In Ounces)
1/2 Gallon 1 Ounce
1 Gallon 2 Ounces
5 Gallons 10 Ounces

Researchers have found that up to 70% of the effectiveness of a pesticide can be dependent on the spray application. Treatment Booster increases the wetting, spreading, sticking, emulsifying, and dispersing of the herbicide. Treatment Booster helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface and helps penetrate the bud and bark area (of woody brush), allowing a more effective uptake of the herbicide. Treatment Booster is a by-product of the citrus industry, a low viscosity oil and is compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides.

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