Thermo Pond Heater 3.0

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Thermo Pond Heater 3.0

Simple operation for ponds up to 1,000 gallons. Keeps a 12" opening in ice. Thermo-Pond™ floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. Unlike some other heaters, Thermo-Pond™ will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond. It naturally allows the pond to ice over while maintaining a hole through the ice. 

    • Efficient and successful low-power pond de-icer
    • Low power consumption of 100 watts
    • Keeps a hole in the ice of backyard ponds for only pennies per day
    • Floats on water surface
    • Never becomes hot thanks to its thermostatic control
    • Safely use with a plastic pond or a pond liner
    • Friendly to fish--prevents the buildup of toxic gases under the ice
    • Cold weather tested at -30F temperatures in northern Wisconsin
    • One Year Warranty

Wattage: 100 watts

Cord Length: 12'


For best results use with a PondAir or KoiAir Aeration System. While your heater is keeping an opening in ice, the aerator is providing valuable oxygen for fish. The aeration system keeps water circulated, which pushes harmful gases out of the pond. Extra oxygen in water leads to healthier fish populations, and cleaner water. 




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