Texas Avenger Fish Feeder

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  • Automated Fish Feeder holds 100 lbs of fish food
  • Texas Avenger Fish Feeder includes a programmable timer that is ran by a 12 volt battery and mounted solar panel
  • Galvanized hopper eliminates internal sweating.


Texas Avenger Automated Fish Feeder

100 lb capacity fish feeder

Quality that you WILL NOT find in bargain feeders! 

  • No Condensation
  • Fully Assembled
  • Hinged Lid With Strut
  • Easy Adjustment For Mounting On Shorelines With A Slope
  • Keeps Critters Out

The Texas Avenger Fish Feeder comes equipped with a 12 volt motor and mounted solar panel. The timer can be programmed to feed up to 6 times per day. Both the timer and battery are housed in the lid. The solar panel is mounted on top of the lid. The spinner plate is designed to keep animals out. The food launcher is adjustable so it can work with multi food sizes.

Accepts pellets up to 5/16" in size. 

The feeder mounts to a dock or pond bank. The mounting hardware is included. The base of the unit tilts up to 45 degrees to adjust for bank incline and rotates up to 180 degrees horizontally. 

Includes 5 Year Manufacturers' Warranty on Feeder. 1 Year Warranty on Motor.

How far does the Texas Avenger Feeder launch fish food? 

Launch distance does vary based on the food size. With standard feed sizes are thrown about 25 to 30 feet out and approximately 25 feet wide.

How much food does the Texas Avenger Feeder throw at each feeding?

The automated feeder will throw approximately 1 lb in 3 seconds. The timer can be set to dispense for up to 30 seconds per feeding. 



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