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Swifter Sifter Pond Skimmer

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  • Swifter Sifter Heavy Duty Pond Skimmer
  • Skimming Debris with Swifter Sifter


Swifter Sifter Weed and Algae Removal Tool

The Swifter Sifter can clear shorelines or dock areas with ease. The unit weighs only 8.5 lbs! The unit dimensions are 7” x 23”x 37”. It comes with two 45’ retrieval ropes and one 25’ rescue rope and two floats with locking pins. 

  • Removes duckweed, string algae and other floating debris from pond’s surface
  • Can sink to remove muck and bottom debris
  • Lightweight rust-proof aluminum design

How to use the Swifter Sifter:

Simply launch unit out into the water where weeds and algae are. Retrieve the unit by pulling in the attached ropes. Dump material collected and repeat! 

This unit can be used for submerged weeds or floating weeds. Simply remove floats to convert from a floating skimmer to a submerged skimmer.

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