Shoreline Defense 1 Gallon Aquatic Herbicide by Pond Logic

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Pond Logic Shoreline Defense - 1 Gallon Aquatic Herbicide

Broad Spectrum Emergent Weed Killer. Kills the roots of aquatic weeds for long-term control.

Works best on cattails, shoreline grasses, phragmites, water lilies, water shield, spadderdock, and other shoreline or floating weeds.

 Treats 40,000 square feet (.92 acre)

Why should I use Shoreline Defense?

When properly applied, Shoreline Defense will kill to the root any emergent weeds that are sprayed. Unlike other pond herbicides, Shoreline Defense does not stay resident in water, making it safe for fish and wildlife. 

When is the best time to treat with Shoreline Defense?

For best results, apply Shoreline Defense to mature plants. Shoreline Defense should be applied to target weeds early on a clear sunny day. This gives the herbicide time to react with the sun.

Weed Treatment Instructions:

Mix in tank sprayer. Spray only on foliage above the water's surface. Completely wet foliage surface. 

Shoreline Defense® Dosage Rates
Treatment Area   
(In Square Feet)
Shoreline Defense®  
(In Ounces)
(In Gallons)
2,500 Sq. Feet 8 Ounces 2 Gallons
5,000 Sq. Feet 16 Ounces 4 Gallons
10,000 Sq. Feet 32 Ounces 8 Gallons

 Shoreline Defense carries NO Water Restrictions

Proper Application Requires Mixing Treatment Booster PLUS with Shoreline Defense. Mix 2oz of Treatment Booster per gallon of treatment mixture (water & herbicide). Treatment Booster is a surfactant, which makes the Shoreline Defense stick to the weeds.

State Restrictions:
Shoreline Defense® can not be shipped to Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, or Washington. 

Product Label and Detailed Application Instructions

Pond Weed Identification Guide


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