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Propeller 5 lb Aquatic Herbicide

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Propeller 5 lb Aquatic Herbicide

Clipper is effective for controlling a broad range of floating, emergent, and submerged pond weeds:

KEY WEEDS CONTROLLED: Alligator weed, Cabomba(fanwort), Coontail, Curlyleaf pondweed, Duckweed, Eurasian watermilfoil, Fanwort,  Frogs-bit,  Hydrilla, Pondweed, Sago pondweed, Variable-leaf, watermilfoil, Water fern, Water lettuce, Water pennywort, and Watermeal.

Unsure of what pond weeds you have?  Identify weed species and best chemical treatments here- Aquatic Weed Guide

Propeller is a contact herbicide that acts quickly on aquatic weeds.

Active Ingredient: Flumioxazin 51%

For FASTEST results, Propeller Herbicide may be tank mixed with diquat (Tsunami DQ) for enhanced control of floating and emergent weeds.

Good coverage and contact time is essential. Make applications with sufficient volume of water according to the label. When making applications to floating or emergent weeds, apply at 6 to 12 oz per acre and mix with a surfactant approved for aquatic sites. For subsurface applications apply Propelller at 200 to 400 ppb in the water column. Please see label for information on the effects of high pH on plant response and efficacy.

PRECAUTIONS AND RESTRICTIONS No restrictions for swimming, drinking, or fishing. DO NOT apply to intertidal or estuarine areas. In areas with dense weed vegetation only treat 1/2 the water body at one time and wait 10-14 days before treating the remaining area.  5 day irrigation restriction.

DO NOT re-treat the same section of water within 28 days of application. Treated water may not be used for irrigation purposes on food crops until at least five days after application. Treated water may be used for irrigation purposes on turf and landscape ornamentals as outlined in the Irrigation Restrictions Following Application table below. DO NOT use in water utilized for crawfish farming. DO NOT re-treat the same section of water with Clipper more than 6 times per year. DO NOT exceed 400 ppb of Propeller during any one application.

  • Kills the roots of pond weeds
  • Spray on actively growing plants
  • Proper application requires mixing with Plex Mate surfactant to improve leaf penetration 

 Click here for more information about aquatic herbicides available for pond weed control

How to use

Mix 2-3 oz of Propeller, 2 oz Plex Mate, and 1 gal of water to treat 5,456 sq ft of surface weeds. Mix 8 oz of Propeller, 2 oz Plex Mate, and 1 gal of water to treat 5,456 sq ft of subsurface weeds. Place spray tip below water surface when spraying. 3 gallon Sprayer sold here  Apply early on a sunny day. 

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