Pond Stone - Rounded River Stone - 2,000 lb

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  • Pond Rock - Rounded River Stone for Pond edging and lining
  • Wet Pond Stone


Appalachian rounded river stone, sourced in the rich heritage of the Susquehanna Valley, is the perfect pond lining stone.  Millions of years of weathering and tumbling through ancient river beds results in beautiful stone with smooth, rounded edges ideal for placement to protect pond liner.  

Use this multi-color stone in the landscape surrounding the pond and in the water to create an ideal transition.  This geologically diverse stone provides a multitude of subtle pastel colors to the landscape.  Quiet purples, rust orange, deep red, olive green, lustrous white, and a variety of mineral inclusions provide unmatched color and texture.  

This fine pond stone is provided in 2,000 lb super sacks with curb side standard freight included.

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