Pond Restoration Evaluation

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Pond Restoration Evaluation – Improvement Plan Agreement 

Natural Waterscapes LLC will provide the following professional services to evaluate Client’s existing pond for restoration, improvement, and/or expansion: 

  • Onsite meeting with Property Owner or Owner's Representative
  • Full Color Aerial Mapping with pond/lake dimensions
  • Summarize desired improvements
  • Inspect pond for aquatic weeds, algae, and invasive plant species
  • Inspect basic pond construction including impoundment, outlet structure, intake, aeration, & filtration if applicable
  • Calculate water volume
  • Characterize site hydrology and determine contributing watershed area
  • Estimate groundwater inflow
  • Probe multiple locations to characterize pond bottom material and estimate organic muck accumulation
  • Retrieve and evaluate USDA soil data for pond location. Screen data for characteristics that may impact impounded water retention and embankment stability
  • Determine and outline recommended construction methods
  • For restoration/organic muck removal projects, estimate the volume of material to be removed
  • Provide summary of pond/lake conditions, hydrologic conditions, nuisance plants, algae, organic muck, and other relevant findings
  • Provide treatment options for identified aquatic weed issues, including do-it-yourself treatment plan and full service management options

Natural Waterscapes will prepare a brief written report of the findings including recommended methods and cost estimate(s) for repairs/ restoration. For expansion/modification projects a plan view conceptual drawing and one perspective view rendering are also included.

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