Polar Blend Cool Water Bacteria 10 lbs

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Polar Blend Cool Water Bacteria

Specially formulated cool water strains of bacteria can be added to extend your treatment season and improve water quality. 

Polar Blend is a highly concentrated blend of psychrophilic (cold-loving) microorganisms, probiotic components, and fast acting enzymes. Polar Blend cool water bacteria can continue breaking down dead vegetation and muck after most beneficial bacteria treatments have stopped working for the year.

  • Reduces Muck
  • Consumes Nutrients
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Balances Pond
  • Safe for fish, wildlife, & humans

When to use Cool Water Bacteria:

Once water temperatures drop below 55 degrees, switch to Polar Blend bacteria. Continue using until water temperature drops below 40 degrees. Also use in spring before water temperatures increase to 55 degrees.

Polar Blend Dosage Rates:

For up to 1/2 acre pond: Treat with 3 packets (1.5lbs) for initial dose, then treat with 1 packet (0.5 lb) biweekly.

For 1 acre pond: Treat with 6 packets (3 lbs) per acre initially, then 2 packets (1 lb) biweekly.

(Comes in 1/2 lb water soluble packets)




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