Phosphate Binder For Large Ponds

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Phosphate Binder by Easy Pro

Phosphate Binder is a natural pond treatment designed to bind phosphate in pond water. Phosphate Binder will also buffer pH, provide trace minerals (beneficial to fish), and boost beneficial bacteria activity.

  • Improve clarity
  • Reduce phosphate
  • Stimulate biological activity
  • Great for use with other natural bacteria treatments

Dose with 3-5 lbs per acre-foot of water to lower phosphate levels. (12-20 lbs for 1 acre pond, 4 feet deep)

Dose with 1/2 lb per acre of water for only boosting beneficial bacteria activity. 

Phosphate is an algae causing nutrient. Phosphate levels of 0.1 ppm or greater can trigger an algal bloom. Phosphate comes from a number of sources including runoff, fertilizer, and muck. 




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