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Pennsylvania Pond Restoration

Pond Dredging and Wetland Restoration Project - Columbia County, PA

Special WNEP TV Segment - PA Pond Dredging - Restoration Project

This unique project was completed on the grounds of Camp Victory, a camp providing services to special needs children nestled in Central Pennsylvania.

The existing 2.5 acre recreational pond had become choked with sediment and organic muck creating conditions that virtually prevented use of the pond.  

PA pond restoration

Watermeal and duckweed covered the pond surface while string algae, fed by the nutrient rich muck, clogged paddle boats and contibuted to fish kills.  Overgrown, non-native bullhead lily snagged fishing lines and prevented shoreline access.  The overall function and health of the pond was severely limited. 

Natural Waterscapes was tasked with final design, permit submission, and removal of 5,000 cubic yards of material from the recreation pond.  The dredged material was strategically placed in a second, shallow 3.2 acre pond on the property to create and restore wetland function which would also act as a large bio-filter for a portion of the recreation pond inflow.  

The sediment and organic muck removal was accomplished using a hydraulic dredge to extract and pump the material to the adjacent wetland restoration area.  Ecotube dewatering bags were used to separate sediment from the slurry and allow water to return to the recreation pond. Approximately 300 cubic yards per day of material was removed from the pond and placed in key locations to enhance the wetland restoration.  Use of the Mud Cat dredge allowed the muck and sediment removal to be completed with minimal water loss to the pond preserving the remaining aquatic life in the pond.  

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PA wetland restoration



Over 2 feet of water depth was restored to the recreation pond.  Improved water quality conditions, reduced aquatic weed growth, and improved access to the pond have allowed campers at Camp Victory to enjoy the recreational pond.  The newly restored wetland complex is providing a wealth of educational opportunities associated with the nearby Environmental Education Building.

PA Pond Muckout 

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Newly planted wetland area created by dredge spoil material.


Deepened recreation pond with significantly improved water quality.

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