Oase Filtral 700 All In One Pump Filter UVC System

Oase Pond Filter Filtral 700 All In One Pond Filter System with UV

Oase Filtral is a small pond pump and filter system. Simple to set up and simple to maintain. This filtration system is perfect for garden ponds up to 500 gallons. 

Whats included?

  • Pump
  • 3 Stage Mechanical & Biological Filter
  • UV Light
  • Fountain with 3 interchangeable Nozzles

Filtral can be used with or without the fountain nozzles. If used without, the pump/filter combo can operate a small waterfall. The adjustable flow control allows you to control the spray height of the fountain. 

Oase builds quality pond products that are built to last. Heavy-duty plastic components are used to reduce the risk of cracking. 

Filtral Pond Filter and Pump Combo Specs:

Pump: 250 gph

UV: 7 watts

Power Usage: 30 watts

Power Cord: 16 feet

Max Head: 4 feet

Filters fish ponds up to 350 gallons

Filters up to 700 gallons if the pond contains NO FISH

Includes a 2 year manufacturers warranty