Natural Waterscapes Pond Aerator System PowerAir1

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  • Pond Aeration System PowerAir1
  • Aerator Pump
  • Air Diffuser place on pond bottom
  • Pond Aeration Kit - PowerAir 1
  • Powerair 1 Pond Air Compressor


Pond Aerator System PowerAir 1 by Natural Waterscapes

PowerAir Pond Aerator System includes the aeration industry’s leading equipment to supply oxygenated water to the pond. Long-lasting aeration components, simple installation, and low-maintenance, makes the PowerAir Pond Aerator an excellent choice. 

Natural Waterscapes Pond Aerator System can be used to aerate recreational ponds, farm ponds, tanks, wastewater lagoons, and boat docks.

PowerAir-1 Pond Aerator System Rated For:
Up to 1 acre- 12-16’ deep
Up to ½ acre- 8-12’ deep
Up to ¼ acre- 5-8’ deep

The shape of the pond impacts the ability of a diffuser to properly aerate water. Irregular shaped ponds typically require multiple diffuser stations to disperse oxygen throughout the entire body of water.

What does aeration do?

  • Lowers pond maintenance
  • Breaks down organic waste
  • Reduces unwanted nutrients
  • Promotes healthier fish populations
  • Lowers risk of winter fish kills

The PowerAir Pond Aeration System can be used for a dock deicer in winter. Learn More About Dock De-Icers Here


Quality begins with the most important component to the aeration system: the compressor. Our Rocking Piston Compressor is a continuous duty compressor manufactured in the USA. The PowerAir Rocking Piston Compressor has a low maintenance, oil-less design.

Moving large volumes of air through the water column isn’t possible without a well-designed diffuser station. You can feel the quality difference with our Weighted Membrane Diffuser Station. Our Diffuser Station is constructed of powder-coated steel base, schedule 80 PVC connection to the 10” membrane diffuser disk, and barbed fitting with check valve. The diffuser station is lifts the membrane diffuser 4” off the bottom of the pond. The steel base acts as the weight to keep the diffuser at the bottom of the pond.

Deliver air from the Rocking Piston Compressor to Diffuser Station with Weighted Airline. No one wants airline that is a floating eyesore! Our airline sinks as it is lowered into pond water. When you install your Pond Aerator System you don’t want to worry that the airline will split or crack. Weighted Airline is ½” thick to provide you with a heavy duty line that won’t break down.

What comes with the PowerAir Pond Aerator Kit?

  • Rocking Piston Compressor ¼ HP
  • Weighted Diffuser Station
  • 100’ Weighted Airline
  • 3 Year Warranty

Compressor Specs:

HP: 1/4HP
Running Amps: 1.6 A
Volts: 120V
Max CFM: 2.3
Operation Cost: $0.40 per day
Max Depth: 40’
Max Pond Size: 1 acre
Lifting Rate: 2100 gallons per minute


Compressor Installation:

It is extremely important to protect your compressor from the weather. Shelter is necessary to protect the compressor from rain, and snow. If no shelter is available, optional compressor cabinet is available.

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Warranty Information

3 Year Warranty
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