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Customer Reviews

Michigan Lake Design-Build

This amazing 2.7 acre lake was constructed in northern Michigan on VERY sand soil.  The main water source is a single, automatically controlled well that feeds directly to the lake.  

lake construction with EPDM rubber liner

 Over 130,000 square-feet of EPDM Rubber liner and over 250,000 square-feet of non-woven geotextile were used to create this lake on extremely porous soils.  The site topography limited the contributing water shed area to less than 1 acre requiring a well to fill and maintain the lake level.

Large rubber pond liner installed with natural cover Over 7,000,000 gallons of water was pumped to fill the lake.  Filling took just 8 weeks because the highly permeable local aquifer permitted rapid pumping rates. 

As the water level rose, local, native aquatic life began to occupy the lake.  An additional gamefish stocking added further activity to the lake.  

Twin external pumps generate over 26,000 gallons per hour of flow through a constructed waterfall near the owner's residence.  In addition, a zip-line, boathouse, and beach area round out this wonderful addition to a spectacular property!





 Proper construction of the EPDM Rubber Liner edge provides the opportunity to completely hide the liner system with soil or sand cover.  Even if soil is not replaced over the entire liner system, a natural edge soil cover over the top 2-3 feet of liner creates the appearance of a natural bottomed water body.  

Pond liner installation with natural soil cover