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Koi Pond Maintenance Kit

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Koi Pond Maintenance Kit - Treats Backyard Ponds up to 5,000 gallons

Bring balance back to your koi pond by using Muck Remover GP, Pond Remedy, and Pond Renu together. Much of the issues with pond water and fish health revolve around imbalance that comes from nutrients, bottom waste, and filtering issues. Combining these 3 pond treatments attacks many of these issues head on. Muck Remover GP is a good bacteria & enzyme blend in pellet form that consume waste that accumulates from dead vegetation, uneaten fish food, and waste from the koi and goldfish. Water clarity issues are often caused by high nutrients or suspended waste. Pond Remedy is a microbe treatment in water soluble packets that breaks down ammonia and nitrate in water. This treatment also acts as a natural water clarifier by breaking down suspended waste. Pond Renu is a powder treatment that targets phosphate in water. This treatment also acts as a pH buffer, and adds minerals to water for pond fish.

  • Reduces sludge/muck
  • Clears murky water
  • Removes toxic nutrients from water
  • improves fish health
  • Buffers pH

Whats in Koi Pond Maintenance Kit?

Muck Remover GP 150 pellets
Pond Remedy 16 water soluble packets
Pond Renu 20 scoops

How does it work?

Target all of the most common issues experienced in koi ponds by using Muck Remover GP, Pond Remedy, and Pond Renu at the same time.   By attacking all of these issues at once, you leave less room for error. These treatments target waste, unwanted nutrients, and pH, which all contribute to disruption of the pond's ecosystem. These treatments are safer for fish and have longer lasting results than chemicals. See noticeable change within 1-3 weeks.


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