Koi Food Floating Pellets | Premium Summer Blend Pond Fish Food | Staple Feed for Koi and Goldfish | 5 lb Resealable Bag

Premium Floating Pellets for Koi

Koi and goldfish floating fish food Summer Blend includes the same quality ingredients as hatchery pellet feed. This floating pellet diet is perfect for koi and goldfish greater than 2" in size. Fish food ingredients impact fish health and water quality. Premium ingredients yield better growth, more vibrant colors, and improve overall health. Quality fish food reduces the total waste going back into the pond water. This diet contains NO CORN to allow for better digestion. Fish may be fed more or less frequently depending on the types of fish and conditions. Only feed koi and gold fish as much as they can consume over a five minute period. In warmer water temperatures, above 55F, feed once daily. Below 55F feed once every two to three days. Below 40F do not feed. Always remove uneaten food. Protein: 41% Fat: 7% Fiber: 4% Ingredients include Krill, Spiralina, and Astaxanthin