How to get the QUICKEST results with an algaecide

How to get the QUICKEST results with an algaecide

Enjoying a pond without algae- easier said than done for many ponds.  Nutrients and sunlight are all algae needs to spring up in any pond! Managing algae can be difficult. We want to give you some of our management secrets that will ensure better results!

To take a step back in understanding algae control, you must understand why and how it grows. String algae begins its life at the bottom of the pond. When nutrients like nitrate and phosphate(from dead vegetation, fish waste, run off, etc) are present, algae can grow. Add sunlight in the mix and you have a perfect recipe for an algae bloom. As algae reaches the end of its life cycle it floats to the surface, then loses buoyancy and decays at the pond bottom. 

For existing algae blooms, a mixture of Cutrine Plus and PlexMate must be sprayed in the areas where algae is actively growing. For BEST results treat early on a sunny day(this is VERY important). 

With a fast acting algaecide like Cutrine Plus you will start noticing results within 24-48 hours. The algae will float in mats at the surface of the pond for 7-10 days before sinking and decaying. NEED A FASTER OPTION? The Algae Control Pack includes Pondzilla Pro to maximize chemical penetration and shorten the float time of the dying algae to 3-5 days! 

Remember that algae does NOT have a root system. This means it can come back. After killing algae, pond dye must be applied to block sunlight from reaching the bottom of the pond. 

Cutrine Granular is a longer term algaecide used as a follow-up treatment to manage new algae blooms for up to 5 weeks!

Feb 1st 2019 Heather Newhart

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