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Elodea Control

Elodea, Elodea canadensis, is a submerged aquatic weed that is found in lakes and pond throughout the US. It is commonly confused with hydrilla. Distinct characteristics of elodea are seen in the leaf whorls and the leaf itself. 

Elodea submerged pond weed

Elodea produces 3 leaf whorls around the stem, while hydrilla is 4 or more. The edges of elodea leaves are smooth, whereas hydrilla leaves have tiny jagged teeth.

Why is this classification important? Elodea and hydrilla react differently to aquatic herbicides. Weed identification is key for a successful kill. 

Elodea control options: 

Physical removal-

Elodea can be removed physically with an aquatic weed rake. Weeds will reproduce through fragmentation. It is important to remove all vegetation.

Dye treatment-

Pond dye can be utilized in early spring to limit growth of elodea by blocking sunlight. It is important to maintain dye coloration through summer months to continue limited sunlight exposure. Dye should be applied at least once per month. 

Chemical treatment-

Propeller is a contact herbicide used for managing elodea. Only for ponds with little outflow. Use 1 lb per 5,456 square feet for treating elodea.

Tsunami DQ provides fast control of elodea. To improve results mix with Cutrine (1 qt Tsunami, 1 gal Cutrine). This is a contact herbicide. Must come in contact in order to kill.

Sonar provides a long term management solution for elodea. Sonar reacts slowly, taking 30-60 days for results. The entire pond must be treated for success. This treatment option is only for ponds with little or no flow coming into the pond. Sonar ASSonar RTUSonar One are available options.

Mar 23rd 2020 Heather Newhart

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